A truly decentralized VPN service

We take internet privacy seriously.

Why choose BitVPN

  • Secure


    With layers of data encryption and scrambling in a decentralized VPN network, BitVPN protects you from data breaches and cyberattacks.

  • privacy


    Based on a decentralized structure, BitVPN empowers you to regain your internet privacy and stay invisible from all kinds of surveillance and censorship.

  • Unstoppable


    With VPN nodes spread across the world, BitVPN's decentralized network lasts forever and enables you to bypass firewalls and geo-restrictions.

BitVPN - A decentralized VPN service on blockchain


A decentralized VPN service on Blockchain

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VPN with Absolute Anonymity

BitVPN is your ultimate internet privacy solution, ensuring you an anonymous online browsing experience. With BitVPN's decentralized data structure, you can surf, unblock, and stream any content anonymously wherever you are.

Digital Privacy Safeguard

Digital Privacy Safeguard

Stay hidden and protected even when connected to public Wi-Fi. Browse anonymously and leave absolutely no trace.

No Logging of Any Kind

No Logging of Any Kind

BitVPN cannot access, track, or store your online activities due to the nature of decentralization.

Peer-to-Peer Mesh Network

Peer-to-Peer Mesh Network

BitVPN's decentralized community is powered by individuals like you. All data is generated and distributed amongst users.

Flexibility and Resilience

Flexibility and Resilience

We built BitVPN on a decentralized network so single points of attack or failure pose no risk at all.

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