Why BitVPN?

It’s never too late to use VPN for your online security and privacy.

BitVPN: A Decentralized VPN
To protect your online privacy from head to toe.
• No Registration Access
To use BitVPN, you can get your VPN connection just with a username. Your email or phone number isn’t needed and your privacy will be under protection even before you start.
• P2P Mesh Network
In decentralized network, everyone can be a node to contribute to VPN service and get paid for their provided service. Data transmission is faster and safer with BitVPN used.
• Truly No Logging
Your data can never be logged by anyone or any organization when BitVPN is used. The distributed nodes in decentralized VPN mechanism essentially stop data from being logged.
• Blockchain Technology Based
BitVPN is backed up by the blockchain technology. There’s no single chief node or server on the chain and all the nodes are distributed on the network.
• Multiple Devices Support
Anonymity can be achieved anytime and anywhere and BitVPN supports multiple devices including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.
• Hack-Resistant
Layers of data protections are carried out to preserve the privacy of individuals or organizations. As such, your online activity can never be tracked or hacked when BitVPN is turned on.
• Unlimited Bandwidth
Most VPNs feature limited data, while decentralized VPN makes you stream, download and browse as you like by scaling up your bandwidth speed.
• Open Source
Transparency and collaboration are the core of decentralized VPN. Open source leads all community members to establish a safe structure.
100,000,000+ users are protecting their online privacy using BitVPN.
Download BitVPN now, and you’ll get:

A Decentralized Network based on Blockchain

Peer-to-Peer Mesh Network

One-Click Access to VPN with NO Registration

iOS, Android, Mac and Windows Supporting

No Logging Mechanism based on Multiple Nodes

Fast and Secure Access to Internet

Access to Censored & Blocked Websites

Unlimited Bandwidth

24/7 Customer Service

Safe Transmission of Data